Antioxidants: an aid against heart complications of diabetes


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It is estimated that, in 2025, there are 300 million diabetics worldwide. Being such a common chronic disease and cardiac complications being one of the responsible for the deaths of diabetic individuals. An article in Current Cardiology in Reviews, published in 2008, warned that diabetes mellitus is often the cause of mortality, due to recurrent myocardial infarctions. Oxidative stress (imbalance between the production of free radicals and our antioxidant defenses) is responsible for damage to cardiac cells that can be fatal. Our antioxidant defenses include endogenous components that are already part of our body and other components that we eat through food such as Vitamin C or Vitamin E

Some time ago, no importance was given to antioxidant defense when it comes to the prevention and treatment of cardiac complications in diabetes, because the studies carried out did not have an adequate marker of oxidative stress and did not verify whether supplementation altered that stress or not. Now, in the presence of a correct stress marker that involves the heart cells, new steps have been taken in the knowledge of antioxidants. One of the antixoders tested was resveratrol. Resveratrol is a polyphenol known to be the major responsible for the beneficial effect of red wine at the cardio-vascular level. In addition to red wine, it exists naturally in more than seventy vegetable species, such as walnuts and grapes.

In the diabetic animals tested in this study, resveratrol supplementation was given, which increased their antioxidant defenses and decreased blood glucose.

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