Food supplement based on magnesium, taurine, L-tyrosine, vitamins B.

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ERGYSTRESS is rich in: Vitamins B1, B3, B6, B8 and B9, which contribute to normal psychological functions. Vitamin B5 participates in the synthesis and metabolism of some neurotransmitters, which balance is important in stress situations. ERGYSTRESS also contains two amino acids: Taurine (120 mg for 3 capsules), which promotes the entry of magnesium into the cell and L-tyrosine (120mg for 3 capsules). Dopamine, synthesized from this, promotes dynamism, liveliness and motivation. When is it advised? ERGYSTRESS can be advised for lack of motivation, apathy and fatigue.
Nutritional Information
Information by 3 Capsules % DDR
Magnesium 180 mg 48 %
Vitamin B1 1,4 mg 127 %
Vitamin B2 1,6 mg 114 %
Niacine ( vit B3 ) 18 mg 112 %
Pantothenic Acid 6 mg 100 %
Vitamin B6 2 mg 143 %
Biotin ( Vit. B8 ) 150 µg 300 %
Folic Acid 200 µg 100 %
Zinc 6,6 mg 66 %
Manganese 1,65 mg 83 %
Copper 0,90 mg 90 %
Ingredients: Magnesium glycerophosphate, magnesium carbonate, taurine: 120 mg, L-tyrosine: 120 mg, magnesium oxide, zinc gluconates, manganese and copper, vitamin B, anti-caking agent: vegetable magnesium stearate.
How to use: 1 to 3 capsules per day before breakfast. Or second medical prescription
WARNINGS. Do not exceed recommended serving. Keep out of the reach of children. The product is used as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Food supplements are not meant to be a substitute for a varied diet.

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