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Thorne Commitment to Purity

Practitioners have become accustomed to seeing the vacancy "We only use the purest ingredients" in the promotional materials of almost every dietary supplement company. Maybe these companies really believe it. Maybe they do not know anything better. However, Thorne Research, for more than 25 years, has been the standard by which companies in the industry are judged by the purity of the product. Practitioners rely on Thorne as the company that relies on their extremely allergic, chemically sensitive, and immunocompromised patients.

Purity requires extra effort

For example, instead of buying pre-diluted vitamin D as other companies, Thorne performs its own dilution to avoid harmful ingredients such as preservatives or lactose which are found in many dilutions available in the market. Why Vitamin D be diluted? Because, in its pure form, it is very concentrated to safely mix in a vitamin product. Pure vitamin D is 40 million international units (IU) per gram. The RDA for adults is 600-800 IU per day. To ensure proper mixing, it should be done in a diluted powder that flows and does not lose power. Thus, unlike companies that use pre-diluted vitamin D containing unacceptable excipients and preservatives, in Thorne, vitamin D is pure pharmaceutical first mixed with pure mixed tocopherol of vitamin E, and the resulting stable vitamin D is then mixed With the hypoallergenic cellulose powder. The final powder is mixed in a large drum mixer and subsequently analyzed. Not only is the end product stable; It is also hypoallergenic and can be mixed homogeneously and with a level of safety with other powders. As with vitamin D, Thorne uses similar processes for other raw materials, such as vitamin K, leaving it to other companies to buy available raw materials from the market filled with unacceptable ingredients and preservatives.

Ingredients you do not want

Magnesium Stearate: Good for speed encapsulation machines-hungry. Not necessarily good for you. Manufacture of encapsulated food supplements is not easy. Pure powdered ingredients are difficult to mix because they are either extremely dry, sticky with botanical oils, or attract unwanted moisture. Thus, most manufacturers add magnesium stearate and other agents such as lactose and dextrose to make the powder flow quickly and easily through their high volume machines. The problem is that these additives can compromise the bioavailability of the nutrients in the supplement, and can cause allergic problems. At Thorne, let's take a different approach.

Thorne will never use large incipient fatty acids in its manufacturing processes - ingredients such as magnesium stearate or stearic acid. Such excipients are used as flow agents to ensure that maximum productivity is obtained from tabletting and capping machines. There are documented deleterious effects directly attributed to long chain fatty acids used as manufacturing fluent agents. Each skilled pharmaceutical blender recognizes that large fatty acids, such as magnesium stearate, can interfere with product dissolution and influence absorption. Virtually every business, because of the economic impact, ignore this data. As with most industries, the bottom line determines the level of quality. The food supplement industry has one exception: Thorne Research, the company that does not compromise. However, if a company can not manufacture products without the use of harmful excipients, they should not be alluding to "hypoallergenic" or "pure".

The bottom line?

Thorne is the only manufacturer of the highest purity hypoallergenic dietary supplement that you - and your most severely allergic, chemically sensitive, and immunocompromised patients - can really trust.

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